Utility Supplier Diversity Program

Fontana Water Company maintains a Utility Supplier Diversity Program (USDP) in accordance with the California Public Utilities Commission?s (CPUC) issued General Order 156 (GO 156). The goal of this program is to encourage, recruit, and utilize women and minority owned business enterprises (WMBE), as well as disabled-veteran owned business enterprises (DVBE) in California Fontana Water Company's procurement chain.

To aid in achieving the diversity goals set forth in GO 156 participating utilities and the CPUC established a joint Clearinghouse in order to qualify vendors for this program. Suppliers are encouraged to contact the Clearinghouse operator in order to begin the verification process. Once certified by the Clearinghouse a business is eligible to be utilized by all participating utilities as a CPUC qualified diverse Vendor.

Please contact the Fontana Water Company's Purchasing Agent with any questions for further details.